Sechste Ausstellung der IWG (International Women’s Group) 
Malerei, Fotografie, Zeichnung, Objekt

21. Juni bis 9. September 2016 
Eröffnung: Dienstag, 21. Juni 2016, 19 Uhr

As the world around us changes constantly so do our perceptions, thoughts and emotions. Our surroundings have a profound effect on our mental and corporal state, influencing how we think, act and view the world.

Exploring and expressing the different states of mind we encounter throughout our personal journeys is a focus point for many artists. Processing the external influences by means of internal reflection is a way of landscaping life. 

Through a variety of media the works in this exhibition create a link between the intangible such as dreams, sensations, notions and the tangible such as nature, objects and people via an artistic translation from the internal to the external. 

Discover  Explore  Define  Express  Redefine  Translate  Create  Live